When Tales Take Life


When Tales Take Life

Dare to Dream

When Tales Take Life II

Fallen Gods, Inc. is celebrating their 5th year being open; a part of that celebration includes the annual Election of the God and Goddess. I really wanted to do something inspired by their theme of dreams. Originally I was pondering doing something with their Biologic Line and bubbles, but when I put on the parchment skin, the visual of swirling storybooks and scrolls grabbed hold of me.

So what story did take shape (quite literally)? You tell me in your comments!

On a technical note, the quality isn’t as great as usual because I had to really fight with the ongoing/returning high-res photo glitch (the awkward ‘stitch’ lines across at corners where it’s larger than your screen). With mine, it cut up the lighting/contrast into quarters. The shadows added such a unique detail being cast through the store and provided more depth to the flying scrolls, so I ultimately had to go with a lower resolution. This is an issue that goes across multiple viewers, and I’m not exactly sure why Linden Labs has not tried to actively correct it. I guess they’re not embarrassed enough?

Location: Bound to Please Bookstore, part of the Realm of Mystara Roleplay groundshttp://slurl.com/secondlife/Stromness/33/195/50

Pose: Fantasy-Faepose12, part of the Faery Pretty Pose Set from [Long awkward Pose] (store closed)

Parchment, female + Let the story begin.. skin from +Fallen Gods Inc.+ (Fantasy Faire 2012 gift)
Breeze ash hair (added glow) from EXILE (item no longer available?)
AquaGlow Eyes – Lemon Shark from IBANEZ EYES
Jolie Pied v2.0 Flat Bare feet from SLink
Nails [Female] from Sensations

Matron Delma of Mystara

Bonus photos! However, these do have a story to them. Above is Matron Delma, my main character in Realm of Mystara; as you might be able to tell, she is not a drow. She’s just a crazy-cranky matriarch of a fae family.

Location: My personal SL home

Pose: A Toast, part of the Cat’s Meow set from [Long awkward Pose] (store closed)

-Ataciara-Elven-Moss-2012 skin from :[Plastik]:
Andarial hair from Magika Hair
*~*Abyssal Ear: Fairy/Naturals (tinted) from *~*Illusions*~*
Tranquil Eyes – Frond from IBANEZ EYES
– War Paint – Black – FULL Body from :: YaYo :: (currently known as . Infiniti . ; YaYo Products can be found on the marketplace)
!IMP! Siren Brown outfit from !+!Sweet Poison!+!
Ost Brown scarf and skirt from ::Una::
*noe* Tiara Beige Gloves from Gorean Rose
Magician’s Belt Black (Stomach) from Dark Eden
*Wild Girl* Arm Warmer from *OLD WORLD*
*~*Volto Puro Femmina: Gemini (old version) from *~*Illusions*~*

Altan Zarakolu, Formerly of the Golden Sands

Finally, featured here is Altan Zarakolu, my Middle-Eastern/Turkish inspired (though I in no way claim accurate) human character. He is the only alternate character I play in substantial amount beyond Terry/Delma.

Location: KoS 2 sim, part of the Kingdom of Sand estate and roleplay groundshttp://slurl.com/secondlife/KoS 2/34/89/38

Pose: I don’t remember ;_;

SAMMV2 Medium skin from Egoisme
Beard Prototype 01 from ::M-Arc Mirror::
ColorGlow Eyes – Rohan from IBANEZ EYES
Saladin Series: Desert Raider in Moroccan Stripes outfit (includes boots, belt and turban) from Priory of Roses

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