White Mask


WhiteMask IV

If you loose your path… find another.

WhiteMask I

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WhiteMask II

WhiteMask III

WhiteMask V

WhiteMask VI

WhiteMask VII

It’s been a long time since I last blogged. I’ve missed the process – putting together and outfit, taking pictures, editing (ok, not so much the editing), and presenting them to the glancing eyes of the world. I would not take back the time that drew me away, though; I’ve made a great deal of friends, collected a variety of experiences, and grown a great deal. Hence, I’m moving from my old blog to something new. While there may still be some textual tidbits scattered amongst the posts, the focus for Multifacted is to present pictures and allow others to create their own stories of what is going on. There will still be outfit information (and hopefully location and pose credits, if I can remember them), and perhaps a note of what I think is going on. Ultimately, though, these are open to the multiple perspectives and interpretations of those that are inspired.

Japan Kansai – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Japan%20Kansai/207/53/30

In the Rain – Snow Tipped from *The Stringer Mausoleum*
Hair Base – Black from !lamb. (part of the Glass Candy – Grayscale set)
Vincent Platinum ~B skin from ~Tableau Vivant~ (special edition; no longer available?)
Weald Mask ~ Blanched from .Eldritch. (special edition – no longer available?)
AquaGlow Eyes – Blue Crab from IBANEZ EYES
His Conquest Chain from DECO
Ghost Hakama gloves and pants (part of outfit set) from [][]TRAP[][] (plus basic glove layer with black color)

WhiteMask Final


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  2. Memories of a shattered past, best left forgotten, assailed him as he traversed the well worn path. Too much to bare all at once, rushing him, crippling him. He takes a break, to gather himself, in the myst.

    A memory can never truely be forgotten, but he must try, even with the reminder hidden behind his mask.

    A new future awaits him, something he had never dreamed of in this shadow realm.

    He never looks back, taking that first stride to destiny, which has finally allowed colour to seep into his life.


    I was all like “Where is my fav green lady, why she no bloggy?” Glad you are back at it, even if the time away let you gather new experiences.

    Mina and I saw you sneak in and pick up that hair, I had wondered what you had in store for it. Now I know.

    He looks wonderful, what you can see of him =)

    • Heehee, yeah I didn’t want to be a bother as I know you’re getting back into the swing of things. And thank you for the powerful interpretation!

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